Barcode Packages

Our Barcodes

Our UPC and EAN barcodes are suitable for use on any retail product worldwide (except for books & magazines because they require ISBN & ISSN numbers).

If you purchase a barcode package, you will receive:

  • 1. A globally unique barcode number
  • 2. Barcode images in 4 different formats (jpeg, png, SVG & pdf)
  • 3. A Guarantee Certificate – Guaranteeing you as the only legal owner of the barcode
  • 4. Barcode registration – this is an optional additional service that we offer to increase your product’s internet profile and ensure that it appears on cellphone app scanners such as the Zebra app.

If you intend to list on Amazon, please see the latest information Here.

 Should I get a UPC or EAN barcode?

Within Canada and the USA, barcodes are usually in 12-digit UPC format. However, outside of the USA, the 13-digit EAN format is preferred.

If you plan to sell your product in Canada or the USA only, we recommend using a barcode in UPC-12 format. Howver If you plan to sell your product in any other country outside North America, it is best to get the EAN-13 format.

If you are selling your product in several different countries, including Canada and the USA, you can use either EAN-13 format or UPC-12 format. Most barcode scanners can read both EAN and UPC barcodes, It is perfectly acceptable to use an EAN (European standard) barcode within Canada and USA or a UPC barcode outside the USA.

Using your barcode

You will receive your unique barcode number by email, along with a guarantee certificate (for proof of ownership) and your barcode images.

The barcode images will be sent in 4 different files (jpeg, png, SVG & pdf).
The size of the images will be about 38 mm x 25 mm (standard barcode size).
You can reduce the size (the smallest recommended size is 80% of standard size, i.e. about 30 mm x 20 mm).

You can put your barcode onto your product label or packaging & start using it immediately. Your barcode will be a blank number (it will not contain any product or company details). After you give your product to your retailer, they will scan the barcode & type the product information into their system – this will connect your barcode to your product. After that, when they scan your barcode, the product name & details will appear on their checkout screen.


“Great service, exactly as advertised. Was very impressed by the fast turnaround. Highly recommended if you need barcodes and don’t want to pay through the nose.” Chris L


“So pleased, your barcode is perfect, many thanks will keep using you from now on.” Sue


“Thank you very much Moya/David for such an excellent prompt service. We are happy to use you again and to recommend you to others.” Natasha