Les Produits Miropac Inc.

Miropac Group is a specialist in hanger manufacturing and hanger recycling. We supply plastic, wood, metal, satin and velvet hangers on a global basis for shipping and distributing purposes. With over 50 years of experience supplying hangers for GOH (Garment-On-Hanger) programs, Miropac Group and its associated companies follow the shift of garment and textile production bases to set up production facilities and offices in production areas to supply hangers locally. Our internationalization process is the commitment to customer of ‘’thinking globally, acting locally’’. Our presence now includes: the USA, Canada and soon, Mexico & Central America.

Our mission is to provide quality products to meet all your clothing needs, whether for your store or your factory.

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Miropac products use UPC barcodes from us, BuyUPC.ca

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