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If you purchase registration you can add your barcode numbers and product/company details on the International Barcodes Database (information you submit to that database will be fed through to several other barcode databases as well).

Please put your barcode number (UPC, EAN or ISBN) into the “additional information” section of the checkout page. We will then email you to request proof of your barcode ownership. If we are satisfied that you are the legal owner of a legitimate barcode number we will activate it for registration on the International Barcodes Database. You will receive instructions for how to register.

Please note, ‘Barcode Registration’ is included in our UPC and EAN Barcode Packages already. You only need to purchase this item if you obtained your barcode from another company, or if you want to register an ISBN or ISSN number.

All prices in CAD

Quantity Price per barcode
1 + $ 20.00 CAD each
5 + $ 18.00 CAD each
10 + $ 16.00 CAD each
20 + $ 14.00 CAD each
30 + $ 12.00 CAD each
50 + $ 10.00 CAD each


Why Register?

Our registration service adds this visibility for your products.

Our registration service registers the barcode number and product/manufacturer on the International Barcodes Database ( This makes it easier for people to find your barcode number or product via internet searches and some smart phone barcode scanning apps. The internet search success depends on which search engine you are using, and how well that has been indexed on the internet. There are a lot of barcode scanning apps – and more being released regularly. The places they search varies from app to app. Some apps such as the Zebra Scanning App serach directly in databases and should find barcodes/products registered through our registration service. 

Some apps assume the user is wanting to find the product for sale in an online shop in their vicinity – hence these apps will search in online stress nearby … so obviously they are more likely to find your product if it is for sale in online stores in that region. And some apps have other search algorithms which are hard to understand. Most apps change or update where they search regularly. So the results can change over time.Therefore the success of searching or scanning depends on which search engine or app you use, and how much information is available on the internet, including online stores.

The PWA (progressive web app) Zebra Barcode Scanner App finds the correct product details from barcodesdatabase org. It is free. Look it up on your smartphone and save it to your homescreen. You can use it to scan your barcodes.



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